Consider the following features before you purchase a new pickup truck. This information will help you select the best truck for you situation.

The typical base truck is equipped with a fuel efficient, 4 cylinder engine. It is possible to choose an optional 5, 6 or 8 cylinder engine which will give you more power as well as a smoother ride. Full sized trucks generally have a V6 engine but V8 power is usually an option.

Most pickup trucks have a rear drive system which makes cargo carrying easier. For a the traction needed in winter weather, four wheel drive in best. Basic four wheel drive system are enabled with a button whenever they are needed. Full time four wheel drive is an option that will become engaged on its own whenever it is needed.

A compact truck can usually tow on average about four thousand pounds. Full size trucks generally tow cargo that weighs about eight thousand pounds. The maximum weight that can be towed safely is determined by the engine, gearing, trim level, towing package and brand of each individual truck.

Trucks equipped with regular cabs are usually less expensive however, longer cabs can be more functional. The rear seats in extended cabs can be somewhat small for an adult body but are typically adequate for children and animals. Trucks with crew cabs come with four doors and a generous amount of space in the rear seating area. Larger crew cabs will most likely come with a smaller sized cargo bed.

The basic length of a full size truck bed is 8 feet. Compact trucks typically have cargo beds that are 6.5 feet in length. There are some crew cab trucks with 4 foot cargo beds. There is an option of having a fold out bed extender which will keep your cargo contained when the tailgate is positioned downward.

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